2013 Teams & Results

In 2013, together we catalogued 1,048 zines in 24 hours. 

Top 5 Teams

        Team Name     Zines
1 Nexustronics LLC  206
2 Rosehips of Death 61
3 Team Zine LAB 54
4 Vegan Bacon 49
5 Portland Afoot 41


Top 5 Solo Raiders   

      Solo Raider Zines
1 Violet 83
2 Jennifer 63
3 Colin 50
4 Meg 31
5 Matt Schwatz 24

Team Nexustronics, LLC 

Since 1995, Nexustronics has optimized global synergies and established itself as a world leader in NOCTURNAL ZINE CATALOGING. The Portland office looks forward to CRUSHING other zine catalogers and pizza eaters. Out of sheer cockiness, they will not arrive before noon.
Mundane Superpowers Include: Spotting stray hairs
Members: Carl Larson, mykle hansen, Dag Arneson, Chambered Sangiloid, Meghan Sinnott, s.mirk, Breesa Culver, Patrick Barber, Dr. Peach, Matt Stefanik

Team Portland Afoot 

Portland Afoot self-identifies as a “10-minute newsmagazine” in much the way Dr. Jones does as an archaeology professor. Bullcrap. Zine lovers know the truth.

Mundane Superpower: Knowing to walk to the joint streetcar/6 stop on MLK outside the Convention Center instead of waiting for the 6 on Holladay.
Members: Michael Andersen, Joshua Force, Becca Priddy, Aaron Brown, Steph Routh

Team Shift 

Shift is a loose-knit group of bike funners who make things like Pedalpalooza and the World Naked Bike Ride happen. They’re well-suited to wet, damp caves from their time drinking beer under bridges after midnight mystery rides.

Mundane Superpowers: Midnight Mystery Ridin’
Members: Nathan Martin, Jim Archuleta, Calvin White

Team Reed 

Reed College is made mostly of book-loving, research-jedi, sleep-deprived nerds. The library is the most hopping social location on campus, loving called “Hauser Fun Dome”, so Reedies are ideally suited to be Raiders.
Mundane Superpower: Staying up for 24 hours straight is just normal behavior for Reedies.
Members: Vasiliki Ioannou, Alejandro Chavez, Brian Click, Sara Bahmanyar


040 ## $c MCL

(Ed note: That means Multnomah County Library in MARC21 cataloguing language.)
Mundane Superpower: Whiskers
Members: Ross Betzer, Emily-Jane Dawson, Cathy Camper, and Phoebe Wayne


Team Zine LAB 

The librarians and programmers behind the awesomeness of the IPRC zine library.
Mundane Superpowers: Koha Kross-Walking
Members: Reid Parham, Lindsay Crates, Jenny Mundy, Lillian Karabaic, Loren McCrory

Team Pluperfect Repeat Offender 

Strategy: Merrily Dystopian Singularity.
Tactic:Frequent scenic drives north throughout the day.
Style: Dependent arising
Mundane Superpowers: Triple threat in a previous life: publishing/autor/editor
Members: Teresa Boze

Team “Rosehips of Death” 

From the shadows of the pine forest come landlocked sirens, capturing your heart and ripping it out, using the entrails for their strings and drumskins.
Mundane Superpowers: slinging code, stare o’reckoning
Members: Melissa Chavez, Cameron

Team “Lazy Fascists” 

Mundane Superpowers: Totoro! and Moomin!
Members: Cameron Pierce, Kirsten Alene

Team Mawty 

Mawty and Mawty like to sit and work on projects togetha and banta in their new england accents.
Mundane Superpowers: attention to detail and being relentless in finishing
Members: Letty and Erich

Team The Marians 

We tried to think of something profound, but Beth simply giggled and made puns about famous librarians.
Mundane Superpowers: Secrets
Members: Meg Brennan, Beth Gilbert

Team Cogitate Editing 

Cogitate Editing is a small editorial firm of book-smart word nerds with over 100 edited titles in print (and counting).
Mundane Superpowers: Fruit psychic
Members: Henry

Team Giggle 

We like giggling and zines. We run on pizza and beer and serotonin and dopamine and coffee.
Mundane Superpowers: Staying posi.
Members: Danielle Knott

Team Pine Island Press Gang

Marissa, Helen, and Andrew take the library by storm- TUESDAY style.
Mundane Superpowers: excellent with children.
Members: Marissa, Helen, and Andrew

Team BWB

Bad with boundaries! Great with archiving!
Mundane Superpowers: Befriending neighborhood cats and dogs.
Members: Melinda, Amanda


Solo Spelunkers

Raider Jennifer L. 

Mundane Superpowers: Speed alphabetizing, tedious repetitive action, piecing puzzles, super speedy filing fingers, love.

Raider Carlene O. 

Raider Ann C. 

Mundane Superpower: Turn all food to EXTRA spicy.

Raider Violet F. 

Mundane Superpower: Can sleep anywhere, anytime. (It’s super useful!)

Raider Margaret 

Mundane Superpowers: label wrangling and bebop to the boolean boogie.

Raider Sarah W. 

Mundane Superpowers: cat whisperer

Raider Eliza L. 

Mundane Superpowers: pie

Raider Liz V. 

Mundane Superpowers: coffee nerd

Raider Califia Suntree 

Raider Michael Hoeye 

Raider Lori D. 

Mundane Superpowers: Obliviously standing in the way of people carrying heavy things

Raider Sasha Orme 

Mundane Superpowers: massive consumption of coffee and cookies, with no discernable weight gain!

Raider donna esposito 

Mundane Superpower: walking on sunshine

Raider Emily Moroz 

Mundane Superpower: Poor Eyesight!

Raider Josh Haldeman 

Mundane Superpower: Can travel through space and time at a normal speed.

Raider Teresa Boze 

Mundane Superpower: Radio for speaking to Cosmic Muffins.

Raider Kat 

Mundane Superpower: cuticle clipping

Raider Kathleen 

Mundane Superpower: supermundanity

Raider Elliott Cheifetz 

Mundane Superpower: drawing comics

Raider Colin Ryono

Mundane Superpower: can turn my feet backward. Sort of gross.

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