Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to stay up all night to read some zines?

Because it is surprisingly fun. It's like a scavenger hunt in a never-ending punk rock bookstore. There is nowhere else  in the world that has library cataloguing RPG. I'll eat my zine librarian hat if you find one. Not to mention, you're supporting a great organization and bringing long-forgotten zines back out in the light.

And if you're competitive, it can really get your juices flowing. 

What if I can only come for a few hours?

Every bit helps! Not everyone can run a marathon. Even one zine catalogued is helpful - and training takes just 15 minutes, so you'll be able to catalog quite a few zines in a short time.

What should I bring!?

I'd recommend: your laptop or mobile device if you have one,  a mug for beverages, and a comfortable pillow/seat cushion/otherwise comfortable surface.

Oh no! Is it too late to register? Can I just show up?

It's never too late! Just come on by the IPRC on Feb 21st to join us- preregistration helps us know how much pizza to get, but walk-ins are MORE than welcome!

I'm coming from out of town! Where can I stay

We have a few homestays and a donated airbnb just 2 blocks away for out-of-town guests. Email if you'd like to arrange one.

I can't come to this event but I want to help with the zine library! What can I do?

This event is just one part of our year-round zine library volunteering program. If you'd like to volunteer or participate in our library cataloging game nights, contact 

Why can't I have more than 6 people on my team?

To keep it fair! Feel free to split your team up into two competing teams - it'll be even more fun to beat your friends.

Can I sign up as Solo and then form a team later?

Yes! You can either form a team at the event, or you can make/change a team by emailing and letting her know what you want to change.

Can I bring my kid?

Yes! We love kids, and we love parent-kid reading combos even more. We have separate boxes that are specifically youth-friendly zines.  Our youngest raider was 4 years old last year!

Can I catalog my own zine?

You betcha! You'll even win a special game badge for cataloguing your own zine.

Can I bring zines I want to catalog?

If you like, but please remember we have an IMMENSE collection of already-donated zines that have been sorted already and would love to get those zines circulating in the library. 

Do you have any zines for people with limited vision? 

Yes! We have audio zines and a few large print zines that we'd love to have catalogued. Please let us know if you have any other accessibility needs we can help with.

Is there beer at the event?

Of course. There won't be any kegstands or red solo cups, but we do have some barley fuel for the of-age raiders. Bring your own mug.

Will I see a yeti at the IPRC?

Quite possibly! The yeti is shy, so it might hide during raiders, but we have a convenient yeti-meter on the wall to track proximity. 

Can my teenager come on their own or with friends?

Yes! All ages are welcome, but teens 13 years and older are particularly welcome until 10PM without a parent or guardian. 

What if my teenager wants to stay all night?

Let's talk about it! Send an email.