Joining as a member is the best way to support the IPRC and become part of our amazing creative community.

Membership has many perks:

  • Full access to all our amazing tools and resources, such including our BindFast perfect binding machine, letterpress studio, screenprinting equipment, computer lab, and large-format scanners.
  • Discounted copies and workshops.
  • Access to members-only workshops, such as letterpress and silkscreen.
  • Supports all our outreach efforts, which include teaching media literacy, critical thinking and zine making skills to at-risk youth.
  • 10% discount on memberships to ADX 
  • 20% discount on paper purchases from Paper Plus.
  • 10% discount on craft supplies at SCRAP.


Perhaps you're interested in a household or corporate membership


$35.00 for 3 months
A 3-month new or renewal membership!


$55.00 for 1 year
A year-long new or renewal membership to the IPRC.

Monthly Burrito Membership!

$5.00 every month
Keep your membership up to date forever for the cost of a beans & rice burrito every month! (renews automatically)

Zine of the Month Club

$10.00 every month
Keep your membership current and receive hand-selected zine at your home EVERY month. (renews automatically)
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