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What does my donation cover?

Approximately 50% of your donation covers food, drinks, music, and supplies necessary for a 24-hour event. Anything extra helps cover the cost of running North America's largest zine library. 

  • $7 buys one archival magazine file to hold 12 Dishwasher Pete zines.

  • $16 buys enough barcode stickers for 350 zines.

  • $50 pays for snacks & bus tickets for two weeks of youth summer zine reading programs.

  • $100 pays for three weeks of Zine Librarian staff stipend.

What if I want to donate for my registration but don't want to pay through paypal?

You can register through the "frugal raiders" registration and then mail, hand-deliver, or passenger pigeon checks or cash to: 1001 SE Division St., Ste 2, Portland, OR 97202. Mark your check "raiders registration" in the notes field and we'll make sure you get your goodies. If you're ordering a registration level with a tshirt, please note what size.


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