Donate to the IPRC

Why Give to the IPRC?

The IPRC is unlike any art studio, school, copy shop, library, or cafe you've ever been to. It combines the best qualities of all those places into a fantastic mix of learning, sharing and creating – including one of the largest free lending libraries of small press materials in the country.

When you contribute to the IPRC, your support helps to:

  • Keep our workshop, outreach programming, certificate program, and membership rates affordable
  • Preserve traditional printing techniques and a library of nearly 10,000 independently published zines
  • Give public access to the tools needed to produce professional quality publications and works of art
  • Build connections between local artists, authors, and publishers launching careers in new fields
  • Provide a creative, accessible, and collaborative atmosphere in which people can work on their projects
What if I want to donate but don't want to pay through PayPal?

You can mail, hand-deliver, or passenger pigeon checks or cash to: 318 SE Main St. #175, Portland, Oregon, 97214 USA. If you stop by, we also accept donations by card in the studio.