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Studio Monthly Membership - IPRC

As a Studio Member, you gain all of the benefits of Basic Membership (Access to the main studio, discounts on workshop & copies, free admission to IPRC events, readings and lectures) as well as access to the three print studios after the prerequisite intro workshops in letterpress, risograph printing or screenprinting.

Our facilities include:

  • A Letterpress Studio featuring table top and flatbed presses, as well as more than 150 diverse fonts of lead type, 25 fonts of wood type, and many unique engravings and printer’s ornaments
  • A Screen Printing studio where you can access basic screen printing supplies such as cleaners and silkscreen emulsion, screens and ink. We also provide an exposure unit, a light tight closet for exposing screens, a wash out booth, a drying rack for the screen studio, and a light table.
  • A Risograph print studio featuring 3 GR3770s risograph printers and 13 color drums
  • A BindFast Perfect Binding Service: Bring covers and interiors to have supervisors bind professional Perfect Bound books with custom or generic wrap around covers. The BindFast machine is able to produce up to 30 perfect-bound books. See our Bindfast page for more information about prepping your files for printing.
  • A computer lab of Mac desktop computers with the Adobe Creative Suite, and large format scanners.
  • Two copier machines for digital printing, or scanning.
  • An assortment of supplies needed to hand bind books and finalize the production of books, zines or other publications, including saddle staplers, long arm staplers, corner rounders, paper scorers, 2 stack cutters, book mats, bone folders, exacto knives, awls and waxed thread.
  • Other various supplies: button makers and button supplies, colored pencils, stamps, pens, and basic art supplies.

Membership has other perks too:

  • 5% discount on used materials at SCRAP.
  • Discounted copies and workshops.
  • Access to members-only workshops.
  • Fee free access to our facilities.
  • Supports all our outreach efforts, which include teaching media literacy, critical thinking and zine making skills to at-risk youth.

You'll be billed automatically every month through PayPal. Contact Emmy at [email protected] with any questions regarding membership.

*Due to COVID-19 the studio is open by appointment only Mon-Tues, and Thurs-Sat, 12-6pm.